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Everyone has done it. We look all over for the car keys only to realize they are in the car! The problem, of course, is that they keys are in the car, and we aren't, and the door is locked. Panic sets in. What to do? Well, if you don't subscribe to emergency service that can unlock your car remotely, you need to call 24 hour Toronto locksmith master, and fast.

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Toronto Locksmith Master can handle anything that has to do with, obviously, locks and of course the keys to open them. Being locked out of your house or your car is one of the most common emergency requests a mobile locksmith gets. If you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the car is yours, you'll be behind the wheel again in no time.

Car Locksmith Services

  • Car Lockout
  • Broken car key extraction
  • Ignition key replacement
  • Open locked trunk
  • Transponder keys programming
  • Reprogram controls & remotes

Homes are another common area that require emergency visits by bonded locksmiths. If your front door locks on its own once it's closed, you've probably found yourself stuck outside in bathrobe and slippers - or worse - just trying to get your paper in the morning. If you're lucky enough to have your cell phone with you, or a nearby neighbor, a locksmith can most likely get you back inside quickly. Most can "pick" the lock so you don't need to re-key anything.

A common concern, however, when homeowners do need the services of a locksmith is, "If you make the keys, what stops you from using them to come back into my house?" If this is a concern of yours, use only a bonded locksmith with liability insurance. Many locations require all locksmiths to be bonded and licensed, along with carrying a minimum amount of liability insurance. This information is typically found on their trucks, websites, and even business cards.

Locks for your house or business: Ingersoll, Era, Mul-T-Lock, Yale, Nemef, Corbin, Assa, Chubb, Medeco, Abloy.

If you are not looking for assistance in an emergency situation and you have time to do some research, you can check a locksmith's credentials using your state's business website as out locksmiths in downtown Toronto have. If you have any doubts about the veracity of the person(s) showing up at your door you can ask to see their personal identification as well. Even though rare, unscrupulous individuals can claim to be a completely bonded and insured business - in effect, stealing a locksmith business identity.

It's always a good idea to have a new home or apartment re-keyed before moving in, too. You never know how many others have keys. In an apartment situation you have the right to change locks as long as you give one to your landlord. When you own the property, you should always have new locks installed immediately. Also ask the locksmith to check windows, basements, sliding patio doors, and any other openings that need secure locking mechanisms. Many times a locksmiths in Toronto will be happy to work in conjunction with an alarm company to offer you the best personal protection possible.

Some of the latest technology uses keyless systems which need a pass code. If you are in the market for new locks or even new front door hardware, have your Toronto locksmith suggest one of these systems. At least you won't be locked out again!

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